How Many Promotional Products Do You Need To Get Your Message Across?

As one of Australia’s leading promotional merchandise providers, we are often asked how many promotional items are needed to communicate a brand message.

The answer, of course, is “it depends”.

Now, we’re not being purposely vague here. Rather, we’re very aware that every business is unique. You have a unique target market, a unique selling proposition and value proposition, and you have – or should have – a unique marketing strategy.

Instead of giving our customers an arbitrary answer of say “10”, we give our customers a series of questions they can use to work out their own magic number.

5 questions to ask when selecting the amount of promotional products your business needs

1. How large is your target audience?

This is an obvious one, but also the most important. How many clients or customers or other groups are you targeting? Remember to include both existing customers and prospects.

Keep in mind the savings you get from ordering large runs. If you’re confident in the brand message on your product, you’re better off ordering extra.

2. What is your current or desired geographic reach?

In other words, how dispersed is your target market?

Customer A is a local real estate agent. They need promotional products to give away at community events such as children’s soccer games and school fetes..

Customer B is a national real estate enterprise. It wants to reach households across the country with fridge magnets boasting a tagline and 1800 number. It needs large quantities of one single product.

Which customer are you? Knowing your geographic reach, then creating a strategy based on your geographic, could not only save you money, but also be more effective in getting your message across.

3. Who are you targeting with your promotional products?

While most promotional items are targeted at both current customers and prospective customers, usually one or the other is favoured.

Often, by having your product used or displayed by a current customer, you get a virtual referral to their friends, colleagues and contacts – that is, your prospective customers.

4. What do you want to achieve with your promotional products?

Is the promotional product for a one-off campaign, or for ongoing use?

Campaign products are easier to quantify. Your database will give you the number of current and prospective targets, and you know when the campaign will end. Ongoing use is harder for the first time customer, but talk to us and our experts can help you through the steps you need to take to identify the right quantities.

5. How do you connect with your customers?

Promotional products are an IRL item, that is “In Real Life”. If your business involves lots of face-to-face contact with your current and prospective customers, there’s more “face time” for your promotional products.

There’s little point shelling out on thousands of hats for your employees if all their customer interaction is by phone. (Unless of course the hat is for an employee engagement campaign!)

Certainly, if you relate to customers by phone or email, then sending a keyring or branded USB can add a lovely personal touch, but overall the opportunity to give products away is lessened.

6. How do your customers connect with their own customers?

The most successful promotional products are those which not only promote to current customers, but to their contacts as well.

If your customers’ own customers, colleagues or networks are also your target market, then it’s a worthwhile investment to send them more of your promotional products.

7. What other marketing channels are you using, or intending to use?

A promotional product needs to be part of a broader marketing strategy. The quantity of products you need is directly related to the importance of the promotional product tactic within the strategy as a whole.

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