How To Choose The Right Promotional Merchandise

There’s a dizzying array of promotional products available today, but not all are right for your business.

So how do you choose a promotional merchandise or suite of branded merchandise that give your business the greatest return on investment (ROI) and results?

First, you need to stop looking at promotional product catalogues. I know it’s mesmerising – and quite fun – to skim through all the different types of key-chains on offer, but this isn’t about your personal style.

Rather, it’s about your business’s needs and goals.

What do you want to achieve from your promotional product investment?

Your initial step should be to look inwards at your own business and very clearly and carefully articulate your marketing objectives. Of course, in the end you want to boost profit, but there are many ways to get there.

Are you aiming to boost brand awareness in a new sector? Do you want to increase referrals from existing clients? Do you want to encourage greater return clients? Do you have a new brand or logo or name that you need to promote?

At A-One we suggest you choose one primary objective and around 2 secondary marketing objectives.

Who do you want to influence with your promotional products?

You then need to do an analysis of your target market. For this, you need to go further than just age and gender demographics.

Consider what type of people they are. Consider where they hang out and the kinds of work they do – both at work and at home. What products would they actually use?

How many people do you want to reach?

Do you have a very defined, niche target audience, who can be reached with precision placement of high-end products?

Or are you trying to reach hundreds of thousands of prospects, with a large number of smaller products?

Once you have the answers to these key questions, call A-One on (02) 9683 3699 and we can help you find the right product to achieve your unique business goals.

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