How To Choose The Right Office Wear

Your office wear is your brand in living motion. It’s the deciding factor in how your prospective customers view your professionalism, personality and capabilities.

The wrong corporate uniform can have a direct impact on sales, by turning off prospective customers, and even losing current customers.

Using a cheap and shoddy uniform will immediately make your brand appear cheap and shoddy. So most people opt for a more higher premium quality uniform.

However, an office wear that doesn’t fit your corporate identity will cause just as many problems. Any disconnect between the image of your corporate uniform and your corporate brand will cause confusion, and worse of all – distrust. It will not only be a lost opportunity to strengthen your brand presence and reputation, but will also harm your brand and your business.

So how do you make sure you choose the right office wear for your brand?

6 essential factors to consider when choosing the right corporate uniform for your brand

1. Level of formality

Start with the big picture:  If your brand was a person, how would they dress? Would they be ultra casual with jeans and a t-shirt? Or is your brand more formal, and would dress in a suit and tie?

Use an image of your brand as a person to decide on the overall style of your uniform. Are short skirts appropriate to your brand personality? What about bare arms? How tight fitting should it be?

Next, consider the impact you want from your corporate apparel. Do you want your employees to stand out, or mix in?

How would your customers expect your employees to dress?

Are your employees going to be in places which have their own dress codes?

2. Colour

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the colour of your corporate clothing. Firstly, if you already have a brand identity and colour palette, do make sure your uniform matches this.

Secondly, consider the effect of the colour of your uniform on the brand image of your business. Do you want to be seen as bright and sassy? Cutting edge and trendy? Or is your brand more conservative, and requires more muted and corporate tones?

3. Contents

Think of your corporate uniform like a walking business card or web page with its own contents and information.

Certainly you must have your logo. But what about contact details? An easy to remember web address? A word 1300 number?

Do you want to include your slogan or tagline?

What about each employee’s name?

And remember, while you want to use your uniform to convey information, make sure it’s not so busy with words that your customers can’t take anything in! Decide on the most important pieces of content or information, and make them standout.

4. Comfort

Not only do you want to genuinely make sure your employees are comfortable while at work, but you also want them to appear comfortable and at ease when they are relating to customers. A scratchy, hot or ill-fitting uniform will give you a cranky, distracted employee – not a good look.

Consider the fabric of your chosen uniform. Is it breathable? Is it warm enough or cool enough for your employees’ place of work? Is it comfortable to wear for long periods of time?

5. Cut and fit

It’s worth spending a bit extra on a well-cut uniform. A badly fitting uniform is a blight on your brand, and will make your employees miserable.

You can spend all you like on a fabulous logo and perfect colours, but if the uniform doesn’t fit properly, your image will suffer.

When an employee knows they look good in their uniform, they will convey a far more confident, happy and positive attitude to their work and their customers.

6. Easy care

Ask yourself – how easy would it be to wash and care for this uniform every day? Be considerate your employees’ personal time (or your own commercial laundry bill!) and give them uniforms that are easy to wash and dry with minimum ironing or special care requirements.

7. Safety

This should really be the first factor you consider. Work through every possible situation in which your employees will be wearing their uniform, and consider the worst case scenarios.

If the uniform involves a tie, is it ever possible for the tie to get caught? If your employees are around heat sources, is the material completely non-flammable? If they’re in contact with chemicals, does the uniform provide complete protection of all skin?

The right office wear will not only strengthen your brand image and reputation, it will definitely make your employees proud to wear the uniform which will result in a more effective, happy and loyal team. It’s a win-win all round!

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