Keeping It Trendy – What Promotional Products Will Help You Stand Out in 2016

Keeping It Trendy – What Promotional Products Will Help You Stand Out in 2016

Don’t think that giving something away for free will bring forth instant loyalty and return on investment. The quality and utility of the product being given away has to meet up to a certain standard if you want to expand your customer base. Here are a few cost effective products that leverage a good return of investment and a few that may be worth a greater monetary investment.
Cost Effective Promotional Products That Still Work

  1. Pens – Because it’s always handy to have something to write with.
  2. Coffee mugs – For the worker, student, stay-at-home parents that need their cup of jo.
  3. T-shirts – Although it may not be worn in the name of fashion, we all like to stock up on extra exercise and/or pj shirts.
  4. USB sticks – Because some people just don’t trust having all their documents up in a cloud.
  5. Notepads – As it’s something quick and accessible for people to scribble on, notepads will be sitting on someone’s desk for a while.

2016’s Newest Promotional Products Trends
The following may create a bigger dent in your business’s budget, but sometimes dents are necessary to give space for more.

  1. Custom chargers – With the amount of smartphone usage these days and for those who don’t have the option of changing their battery, custom chargers are rapidly becoming a must have.
  2. Adult colouring books – They’ve been making a noticeable appearance in your local bookstores as it’s becoming a favourable way for adults to just relax a bit.
  3. Fitness Trackers – It doesn’t have to be as fancy as a Garmin Fitbit, a simple pedometer will do as workers these days are seeing the need to be more mobile and are taking lengths to measure their steps.
  4. Burlap anything bags – Whether it be used for a lunch or shoulder bag, burlap products are the new craze as they’re durable and light.
  5. Denim wine totes – Transporting wine can be a tricky business and denim wine totes make a great carrying case to and fro dinner parties.

Based on what kind of image you want to create, your selection of a promotional product is something that cannot be weighed lightly. Some will cause you to dig deeper into your wallet but if you want to keep up with a generation that always wants to be trending, the reach may just be worth it.

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