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Big Mistakes You Can Avoid When Promoting Your Brand

A famous quotes goes, “Branding is what people say about you when you are not in the room.” Good or bad things people say about your brand depends on how well you execute your marketing and promotion strategies. Say for instance you are in the business of selling green-living products. Gifting plastic water bottle as a promo-product will be disastrous. You want your customers to choose sustainable products, care for the environment and stay healthy. A stainless steel insulated bottle as a promo-product would definitely be a much better choice in this case. Your promo-products speak for your brand and you would definitely want them to depict the right messages.

Remember, every marketing and promotional activity you do stays with your customers longer than you can imagine. Statistics suggest, 55% of people who receive promotional products keep them for more than a year. That is a great opportunity to create top of the mind recall every time the consumer uses your product. But if gone wrong, it can totally destroy your image.

It, therefore, makes sense to plan your promotional campaign in detail before you order promotional products in bulk. You need to appreciate that marketing is an ongoing activity. You have to be careful not just while planning but also while you are executing a campaign and even after you have completed the campaign. Some of the mistakes you need to watch out for are:

  • Not collecting leads: All the promotion is a waste if it does not generate sales. The starting point of sales is lead generation. When you are distributing your promotional product make sure you make the most of the opportunity to connect with your future prospects and collect as much information about them as possible. For example, a lot of times people use digital media to offer a free download of a report. They request contact details from the person who is availing the offer. These leads are then passed on to the sales department who knows how to make the most of the information.
  • Not following up: Collecting leads should be supported by regular follow-ups. Buying your product is not a priority for your customers. They have to be enticed to purchase by educating them about the product benefits and features. Following up increases your chances of converting a prospect into a customer.
  • Not leveraging influencers: There will be people who are thrilled to receive a relevant and useful promotional product from you. Connect with such people and educate them about your company and products. They are the best people to spread positive word of mouth for your company. They can be your biggest influencers. Take written or video testimonials and share with as many people as possible without hesitance.
  • Not knowing your competitors moves: Every company wants to stay one step ahead of the competition. It is possible to do that only when you know what your competitor is up to. Partner with a promotional product agency that not just offers you good quality products but also gives you the necessary insights on what your competitors are up to.
  • Not listening to your customers: In a competitive market, you always should have your eyes and ears to the ground. Listen to what your customers want. What are the new trends in the market? Where is the demand skewed? Are there any new needs that you can spot? All your answers can be found when you stay close to your customers.

If you are looking at a foolproof promotional campaign, it is better to partner with the right agency rather than try to move the mountain alone. A1 Promotional Products is your trusted partner in this journey. Check out more about our products on our website. We are waiting to hear from you.


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